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The Babylonstoren Experience 

After our Tea Ritual, the morning had flown by and it was time to check-in for our night stay at Babylonstoren. There aren’t allocated reception staff per sé, each and every staff member seemed to fit in seamlessly for any work required. Jerome was the first member of staff we met, he was our hovering guardian throughout our time at Babylonstoren. If we were lost, who would we see? If we needed help with bicycles, if we needed our luggage transported, he was there! A very special thank you to Jerome!

He led us up to room three, which is primly placed on the estate. It is very close to the bicycle pick-up shed (50m) (reserved for hotel guests), reception (60m), the Babel restaurant (70m)(Breakfast and supper location) and a middle point between the spa (120m), wine tasting restaurant (300m) and the parking area at the estate (70m).

Room Three – Nature’s nest

Room three is my perfect idea of a room. Large glass doors opening into a garden, frosted windows allowing in the calming morning light and a breathtaking bathroom. As I walked into the room I was greeted by a King sized bed with crisp white duck down duvets, an adorable fire place, a walk-in shower and a bath tub garnished with fresh herb pickings. I have stayed in many hotels that ruin the experience by providing toiletries that do not highlight an establishment-dense oak smelling shampoo for a business hotel or coconut smelling conditioner for the city. At Babylonstoren there was no better feeling leaving the shower smelling of L’occitane, continuing the feel of nature.

After a long day out, it felt no better to, dump our week long luggage (sigh), hop into the shower and open up a bottle of crisp white and take a few moments outside before heading to the spa at the Owner’s House. Don’t feel guilty if you find yourself nestled in room three for the rest of the day, the large space and voluptuous bed sheets bewitch and enthrall you, you’re kept close to nature but dulling the sense slightly allowing you to gain much needed rest.

I lunged over the edge of the bed and headed for the Farm House. As I entered, I was dumbfounded. How was it possible that I was sitting on a gold-mine all this time? I have been in love with Babylostoren for years, I knew every inch of it, the history and the season-changing menu but not this. The Owner’s House doesn’t require words, the subtly and delicacy of the house speaks for itself. The large butterfly taxidermy cabinet, overhead book shelf, no TV in sight, spiral stair case, pool and spa area form the je ne sais quoi exhibited throughout the estate.

The rentable house has it’s own: bar, lounge, book collection pool and a spa area fitted with: two showers, a steam room, a sauna and a warm jacuzzi. The spa area is something very special, the pale yellow wood reminds me of our time in Austria, a cabin in the woods type of feel, accentuated by the thin see-through doors opening into the pool area. We spent the afternoon rejuvenating our bodies in the aromatherapy steam room, with fresh herbs from the estate. We spent the late afternoon with sun on our skin while swimming. It was now 6pm. We headed back to the room for an outfit change, and waltzed to supper at the beauteous Babel.

The in room amenities include: 2 bottles of complimentary wine (a red and white), milk, bottled sparking and still water and a Nespresso machine with pods (All items are replenished at no extra cost). Laundry is offered free of charge for 6 items per person, I haven’t traveled to another establishment which offers this (See The Babel for our experience of the restaurant)


We unlocked the fully wooden-farm style door and were greeted by and icy sandalwood aroma. I hopped into the shower, took off my no longer required mascara and headed back into the room. Back-turned, elbows lifted and deep breaths, Hameer was up to something. If anything he, Hameer, is definitely more of a tech-geek than anything else; he sighs at the sound of camping chairs being unfolded. Without even having to ask, he explained how he went camping in the Cederberg for 10 days and knows what he is doing…I know where this is headed. I cuddled into bed, grabbed the white sheets and covered my stiff lips in hopes of thawing them.

Now, if you know Hameer he can do anything…apparently. I peeked every few moments at him, honestly though, after a box of matches, loud wood clunking and a call to reception I was on the verge of telling him to stop-I needed my rest. I’ll give him one more try.

A few moments later, I find him staring at me and saying ‘I’m glad you’re sleeping well, must be the warmth’. His sarcasm was so rife, his words were almost truthful. He rolled away from the fire place and there was the loudest wood fire I’ve heard since my childhood-if you’ve ever heard a large wood-fire, it kind of sounds like an aeroplane taking off…to dream land. We planted our faces against the supple feather duck pillows and to the sound of crackling wood, we rested for the next day.

The short: Room three is your weekend getaway cocoon. Large, ergonomic and impeccably close to: the bicycle pick-up shed (50m) (reserved for hotel guests), reception (60m), the Babel (70m)(Breakfast and supper location) and a middle point between the spa. Toiletries by L’occitane, fresh herbs for a bath, a fireplace (you can light it yourself as Hameer did) and large glass panes leading to the garden area, these are the highlights of room three. We visited one of the larger rooms which was equipped with a kitchen, but my heart stays true to number three.

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