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The French have returned.

Goodness, do we welcome them! Majeka House is situated on the immediate outskirts of Stellenbosch. It was voted the Best Design Hotel 2017, and is not a typical hotel. Instead of encapsulating you from its surroundings, it invites the greenery, fruits and wines’ of the Stellenbosch regions into proximity.

For non-local guests, the hotel places a major emphasis on keeping nature within reaching distance and offers an unadulterated view of the Stellenbosch mountains, for viewing in almost every setting.

The hotel’s stand out features include: a cacti garden, a large heated pool and jacuzzi, a well stocked bar (both local and international liqueurs) with a joint lounge for relaxing, a dining area where breakfast and dinner are served, spectacular mountain views from the rooms, professional and knowledgable staff and an inviting atmosphere.

The Room

The room translates Majeka’s density aptly: cigar couches, a fireplace, sheep’s wool rugs, roof hung painting and, of course, views of the Stellenbosch mountains on either side of the room. The room was exceptionally comfy and well furnished, with a chic bathroom (one of our favourites yet). Each of the 23 rooms are uniquely styled.

Again, we have to highlight how quiet the establishment is. For those who love the bustling city bring the morning, touring the wine lands in the afternoon but look for down time in the evening, this establishment wont let you down.


Dinner at the in-house Makaron Restaurant, which has too won many awards, lent itself to the wine pairing guru’s of Majeka. I won’t focus on the menu pricing, they can be found here.

Onto the food.

Ostentatious, of the good kind. Presentation, flavour, freshness, ingenuity and attractiveness are the royal flush against your taste buds. Add the wine parings and you’ve got the perfect dinner date for under R2000 (5 plates and 5 pairing per person), including the tip! Enough time is given between courses, to enjoy your healthy glass of wine and enjoy the subtle music. Each course is perfectly complimented with the wine choice. Flow and Run were our experts of the evevning. Clever, who served us, was well versed and friendly, with expert knowledge of the wines.

But this is just it. It’s what Majeka seems to have resonated with us, the value. Yes, it’s 5 star, won design awards and everything else in between, of course its exclusiveness and class is proved. Yet, for guests it does the favour of always being pocket friendly.


The breakfast is exceptionally vast, covering all bases and more. Freshly squeezed elixirs are available, we were offered 4 different kinds. All of which can be had at will. Fresh health milkshakes are available too, including Hameer’s choice, a wasabi flavored one! One of my favorite pastries was their freshly baked canelés (we received one on arrival too!).


Majeka House holds a key niche within the hospitality industry. A spacious spa, beautiful gardens with organic fruits, student-budget friendly dinners, high quality foods, one of the best priced spa packages we’ve seen, all for an average of R3400 per night per couple, I think they’ve developed the perfect grapes for harvest.



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