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Bosjes Farm

Sophisticated, absorbing and secluded, Bosjes (pronounced Bos-yes) was the most detoxing experience over our 3 week period of experiencing Western Cape’s latest trends. Situated on the R43, Bosjes is well worth the two-hour drive from Cape Town.

We arrived early afternoon and headed for the Bosjes Kombuis. It was already evident that modern design was the focal point of the farm. The Kombuis, edgy, earthy and well lit by natural lighting entering through the large overhead glass panels, retains a farm-like feel with a triangular roof structure.

Skip the interior dining experience, head out onto the patio with one of the most surreal views of the Waaihoek and Slanghoek mountain regions. This is where you’ll find the 366 tile mural, ‘Tree of Life’.

Hameer and I had the 200g grass fed hamburger which was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The menu pricing is spot on, especially for soft drinks and other beverages, you’d think they’re still stuck in the early 2000’s.

The farm also provides kids entertainment – a sandpit, large kiddies slides and obstacle course and plenty of grass to run around on. You’d probably find yourself checking in at the hotel impromptu, with their per night pricing being extremely affordable.

At dusk, Hameer and I took a stroll to the ‘Instagram famous’ chapel. We came across a path that looked as though it led to a viewpoint. We headed up and when we reached the top, were in awe of the setting before us.

The sun was about to set, with light peaking through the surrounding mountains, hitting the back of Bosjes’s beautifully sculptured chapel. You never tire of the mountains, even though they fall within Vista, the ever-changing hues blanketing them through the afternoon, keep you marveled throughout the day.

The still, faint sound of birds chirping and the crisp evening air will remain one of my favorite moments, to date.

We didn’t have the opportunity to experience their Tea Garden as it had not opened yet during the time of our visit. At least we have an excuse to return (not that we needed one!).

The Room

The guesthouse portion of the estate has an interesting layout – a large emphasis being placed on engagement. The rooms have a window, with a work desk, where other guests walk past to get to their room or to the pool. The pool forms the centerpiece among the five rooms.

For us, this was a welcomed design. It forces you to leave the hotel feel behind and focus on personal communication. This also proves great for larger/traveling families wanting to stay in a space where everyone is connected and in close contact. This falls in line with their kitchen and lounge area, which again focuses on gathering.

We stayed in the Deluxe Room which was, spacious, neat and inviting. The earthy tones continued here, with a contrasting bathroom which added a much-needed punch to the space. Bathrobes with the Bosjes pineapple logo are found in the bathroom, which adds a sweet, personal touch.  The room had its own fireplace, which highlighted a cozy space for relaxation.

Dinner and Breakfast

An interesting concept by Bosjes. No a la carte for dinner or breakfast, no 3-course dinner or choice.

The supper meal is homemade, prepared fresh each evening by the chef, but leaves no room for choice. We had the spaghetti bolognese which was appetizing. It was almost a double portion with great flavor and finesse.

A light breakfast is provided. Cereals, pastries, preserves, hard-boiled eggs and cold meats are the breakfast components of Bosjes. All meals are enjoyed in the kitchen/lounge area.

If you’re inline for a full-on sensory detox, Bosjes has your elixir for R2750 per night.




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