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Aqua Dome

Winter wonderland exemplified.

An entire family getaway at an all-inclusive rate. Gym classes, aromatherapy-self-treatments, multiple thermal pools and a generous capacity all ensure Aqua Dome to be family friendly or the perfect honeymoon.

Located in the town of Längenveld, away from the busy skiing hub Sölden, the quiet town offers itself as the most ideal location for a relaxed getaway. Despite its high volumes, Aqua Dome manages to deal with the masses with ease and does not compensate. Large rooms are extremely large, the dining area does not find you having to guard your plate from others scurrying for food and the thermal pools cater for the crowds, so you’re not awkwardly brushing up against one-another.

Our room was the Junior Suite, without a fireplace. It was spacious (as mentioned), with his and her basins, a separate bathroom and shower room, as well as a spectacular view of the Austrian mountains. The wood used to design the room inspires a ‘cabin in the woods’ feel, further iterated by carpeted floors. Be certain to specify a room facing out on to the mountains, you’ll see an awe-inspiring sunset each night, as you wind down from the thermal baths while enjoying their local, non-alcoholic beverage – Almdudler.

Hummy had visited Aqua Dome in 2014, but stayed in Das Central in Sölden – this was part of his BMW package (see more information below). He said he visited Aqua Dome almost every night, just for the view. I could see why he made such a fuss about coming here.

I was completely numb as we walked into the snow and toward the great thermal baths. We rushed to reach the highest thermal pool and were sure to gracefully walk into the buttery-warm water, so as not to not disturb other guests. We rested our backs against the water jets, closing our eyes and looking to the heavens in appreciation for the warmth. After a few seconds I opened my eyes, realizing a two-year-dream (literally) had come true.

My eyes were fixated on the snow-covered mountains; I had seen only pictures of. It was as if I was staring at an Apple computer wallpaper, realism only provided by the water vapour clouding my view of the Austrian sunset. No matter where I was in Aqua Dome, the view was the same, Toblerone like-mountains covered in cookies and cream; the correct personification of Aqua Dome, a treat.

The SPA 3000 is a private spa, which only hotel guests have access to. It is comprised of a number of facilities including a moss rock pool (yes, the plant moss), mineral baths, fireplaces, and a bar. We spent most of our time here, Hummy drinking the provided tea while I was searching for an opening to book myself into their newly offered spa-class: the Morgenta Nest. This is a full-body exfoliation ritual using pinewood to stimulate circulation and prepare the body for a massage. This was one of many classes offered, complimentary to hotel guests, which I didn’t have the time to enjoy. Be sure to book early, as spaces are limited and tend to get fully booked, quickly.

Meals were buffet-style – Aqua Dome had the largest buffet of all hotels we visited. Everything from cold meats, do-it-yourself desserts, ice-creams, freshly squeezed orange juice to local delicacies (breakfast and dinner) and the staple bacon and eggs are served at respective meal times. With such a large variety of foods it is very easy for an area to develop a type of odour, however the restaurant was very well ventilated so much so, you could truly layer up for dinner time and not feel shy.

If you’re interested in BMW’s and snow, be sure to check out the BMW Snow Training packages available through BMW Driving Experience. Aqua Dome is a partner of the driving experience and lodging is included in some of BMW packages. Hummy recommends attending one of these events, either the half day experience or the 3 day experience, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He said it’s a good breakaway from skiing and other activities that can be over-crowded at times and it isn’t only about driving. His package included a cultural dinner located at one of the restaurants in the mountains and a few BMW branded gifts. If you’re interested to find out more, please email him at

The short: Breath-taking views of the Austrian mountains from all angles, a wide variety of food at  the restaurants, if you’ve forgotten your bather or ski gear they have an in-house store stocking of everything you may need, multiple thermal pools and very clean (No wet/dirty floors or foul smelling change rooms). I can see why Hummy wanted to return and I will return one day too, for Aqua Dome, its location and vastness, has created lasting impression on me which has halted my other future travel plans.

Don’t believe me? I couldn’t believe beauty of seeing the Austrian mountains from the Aqua Dome thermal pools, too.


Photographs by: Hummy and I.

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