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The Hoxton Hotel

We stayed in the ‘Cosy Room’ located on the 5th floor of the Hoxton Hotel. The view is spectacular, providing a scenic overview of Amsterdam and its dwellers. The complimentary room mini bar had fresh milk, a first in Amsterdam. I loved our stay here: the retro touches, quirky branded do-not-disturb cards, rose gold bathroom finishes and their contemporary restaurant, Lottis, which is every Instagrammer’s ‘next perfect post’, was right up my alley.

We checked in, headed upstairs and took off our shoes for the afternoon, where we spent time watching the ferries pass by on the characteristic Amsterdam canal. Early evening we headed downstairs where the restaurant came alive. No open tables and lots of chatting among the well-dressed crowd.

Before we headed out, we asked one of the staff for recommendations on what to do near the hotel. Leonard, whom seemed liked our personal concierge, immediately pulled out a map and began circling hotspots for us. He didn’t rush, we didn’t seem as if we were another tourist pair, he asked for what we felt like; quiet and non-touristic, please. Within 15 minutes, he elegantly created a 2 hour itinerary for us. We walked the streets knowing exactly where to photograph, eat, mill around without other tourists (finally!) and get back to the Hoxton – Thank you Lennart!

After a long evening, I hopped into the shower, tied my hair back and snuggled into the most comfortable bed of our Europe trip (It was extremely supportive and accommodating). We woke the next morning to our light breakfast in a brown paper bag: fresh orange juice, a banana, yoghurt and muslei. How breakfast works: you fill in the time you would like to receive your breakfast on a card given to you at check-in and hang it on the hook outside your door, the night before. The next morning, voilà, your breakfast is there – nice touch Hoxton! The breakfast won’t fill you if you’re extremely hungry, but it saves you the hassle of having to walk among people trying to pick out your food. If the ‘paper-bag breakfast’ isn’t for you, you can enjoy a sit-down breakfast at the Lottis restaurant.


Photographs by Hummy and I.

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